What does BLE stand for?

BLE stands for Best Life Ever, and represents a philosophy expounded by Nate Avery, a champion of life, laughter, and living your best life ever.


What is the BLE mission?

Our mission is to embrace possibilities by engaging in random acts of kindness that brighten someone’s day, even for a moment.


What are the BLE goals and driving principles?

  • Engage in random acts of kindness throughout the year.

  • Share information and help raise awareness of the power of giving.

  • Conduct events and gatherings that foster inclusion and help increase awareness and revenue that allow us to continue to engage in random acts of kindness.

  • Be respectful of the trust placed in us by the community, our donors, volunteers, and others.

  • Be open to the potential in ourselves and others.

  • Be steadfast in our commitment to the community.

  • Smile, laugh, and celebrate the wonders in all of us.


Who manages BLE?

BLE is managed by a board of five BLE ambassadors representing various segments of the community including education, health care, communications, social services, and business owners. The board continues to evolve to reflect different community perspectives and experiences.

The Arizona Community Foundation administers the BLE Fund. Please visit the Arizona Community Foundation website and the 2017 Annual Report to learn more about BLE business administration.


What does BLE fund?

BLE gifts to the community are done through random giving and include people from all walks of life. There are no rules except that giving is random and kindly, and done in a manner that helps create a positive experience. As a result, BLE is not open to receiving applications or solicitations for support.

As a non-profit organization, BLE contributes to a variety of unexpected activities and areas. However, BLE is also an organization that operates openly and does not provide funding to support political, religious, or other partisan activities.

There are numerous organizations in the community with specific goals to help those in need. Please visit the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce to find information on organizations with specific philanthropic missions to meet your individual needs.


How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in BLE. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with outreach, fundraising, event participation, data management, and more. We invite you to email us at ble@bleflagstaff.com with information on your interests.

Of course, a monetary donation is always welcome, and we appreciate any amount you can give.

And finally, you can get involved in your own way by engaging in random acts of kindness whenever the opportunity presents itself. It doesn’t have to be formal, or even acknowledged by the recipient. Just being kind is enough to brighten someone’s day.